Are betterhelp sessions only 30 minutes?

Yes, you can arrange it with your therapist to schedule more than one live session per month. Many clients will have one session per week. In addition, depending on your therapist's schedule, some therapists are willing to include 50-minute sessions in addition to the standard 30-minute sessions. For some people, having a 50-minute session can be more productive and similar to seeing a counselor in a private office.

However, 30-minute sessions are also great in terms of comfort and make sessions very direct and solution-focused. My therapist only offers 30-minute sessions. In fact, I just found out that this depends entirely on therapists. They can offer anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

I wish my sessions lasted longer than 45 minutes, but I've never had a problem saying things on time. Unlike traditional therapy, where you pay per session, Betterhelp charges you a fixed monthly fee for the time you spend with your counselor, whether you meet with him or not. I remember talking to my BetterHelp therapist at the beginning of the pandemic about everything that was happening and how these feelings of anxiety that were building up were an unsettling reminder of the dark place I was in a few years ago, and he asked me what had changed in me since then. But if it's a question of flexibility and convenience, BetterHelp is a fantastic option to help you have a counselor at your fingertips and, depending on how you use it, there's no doubt that you can get much more out of your money than traditional face-to-face therapy for the price that often costs that price for just 1 session.

Fortunately, BetterHelp offers a financial aid system, so I get a 15% discount based on my income and current financial situation. In fact, since I started BetterHelp, I've convinced many of my friends and family to try it too, who now feel a bit of an expert on the platform. Not ALL of Betterhelp's therapists live in the U.S. They have a US license, but can live anywhere in the world.

In a nutshell, BetterHelp is an application that is a comfortable therapy service with just the touch of your fingers. BetterHelp is an app designed to bring the opportunity of therapy to anyone's life in a convenient and affordable way*. BetterHelp seems to advertise on every podcast I listen to, so I knew that they offer online counseling through video calls. BetterHelp also offers voice calls and messaging, but I only use the video call format and sometimes Connie sends me messages with a link that you might find useful or a book recommendation.

BetterHelp uses the information they know about you to connect you with the therapist that they think best fits your wants and needs. Live telephone or video sessions take place through the BetterHelp website, so you'll need an Internet connection to make the call. I originally intended to use BetterHelp as a way to facilitate therapy and eventually found someone I could talk to in person here in Norway. I also know that it would have helped me to hear from someone who actually uses BetterHelp, to know if BetterHelp is legitimate and reliable and worth it.

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