How does betterhelp match you with a therapist?

BetterHelp works by connecting people with licensed counselors for online counseling sessions. You can fill out a questionnaire to connect with a therapist using the BetterHelp algorithm, or you can manually select a therapist from the list that appears when you enter your area code. No, Betterhelp does not currently accept insurance for therapy and there is no schedule in which it may be available. According to BetterHelp, counselors must provide appropriate licensing documentation and proof of identity when they apply.

According to BetterHelp, “Therapists choose to visit the relevant specialized sites based on their previous work experience, training and areas of specialization, since they know that this decision will greatly influence the style of the referrals they receive through the platform. In addition, it was reported that during this time, BetterHelp had a very different selection process for its counselors. BetterHelp is an affordable and convenient option that offers solutions for people who prefer to talk on the phone or video call. BetterHelp currently does not accept insurance and will not generate overbills for you to send to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

Those with a current diagnosis that requires medication management should seek an alternative to BetterHelp. While BetterHelp is aimed at individual therapy for adults, it also has brands that offer services to couples and teens. Live telephone or video sessions take place through the BetterHelp website, so you'll need an Internet connection to make the call. BetterHelp has expanded its services in recent years and is now partnering with companies and universities.

The BetterHelp platform keeps you informed of the process through emails and generally assigns you a therapist within a few hours to a few days. If you are redirected to one of the subsidiary sites of BetterHelp, Teen Counseling, Pride Counseling, Faithful Counseling or Regain, you will be offered the same subscription option and the same pricing structure as BetterHelp. Choosing Therapy partners with major mental health companies and BetterHelp compensates for its marketing. In addition, BetterHelp requires each therapist or counselor to complete a case study exam for a licensed physician to qualify and evaluate in a video interview.

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