Does betterhelp record your sessions?

Better Help doesn't clearly state that they don't sell user data, which is something we like to see.


is an online therapy platform that offers a fast, simple and accessible way to start working with a therapist. The result of this rigorous process is that only about 20% of therapists who apply to work through BetterHelp are accepted on the platform. If you know how to get around some of its limitations, BetterHelp is a great option for consumers who are experts in therapy.

BetterHelp states that it collects, uses and stores communications between users and counselors on its platform. No matter how good my therapist is and no matter how good a partner he was for me, I wouldn't have gotten what I got from BetterHelp if I hadn't been motivated to work as hard as I did. I had a little trouble finding my therapist on BetterHelp (more on that later), but once I did, things escalated quickly. I had experienced therapy before, both as a client and as a therapy provider, so I knew how much it could help, but I wasn't sure that BetterHelp would be as effective as seeing a therapist in person.

There were a lot of things at BetterHelp that awakened my inner cynical, from the way they were promoted to whether the therapy translated into the online format. We have not been able to confirm if BetterHelp has a system for managing security vulnerabilities in its application, which shows us its general security practices. I hope that other people can use the BetterHelp platform to have their own experiences of deep healing in therapy. There are a lot of therapists to choose from at BetterHelp, including specialized therapists who were much better suited than what I could find locally.

However, if you have to pay (or prefer) to pay out of pocket, using BetterHelp may cost less than it would cost to see a therapist in person, based on the standard hourly rates of therapy where you live. Ultimately, BetterHelp is only as good as the therapists who work for them, and the quality of your therapy will depend on how good your therapist is and how good your partner is to you. BetterHelp's standard registration procedure puts you in contact with a therapist based on your answers to a questionnaire. However, when I signed up for BetterHelp, the total cost of the monthly subscription was lower than what therapists charge for four monthly sessions where I live.

I knew I had to work on some things, but I was skeptical and thought that BetterHelp was more of an experiment than a solution.

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