How much does betterhelp cost monthly?

What is the monthly cost of BetterHelp? According to BetterHelp, counselors must provide appropriate licensing documentation and proof of identity when they apply.


offers refunds on a case-by-case basis, and you must meet their criteria to receive a refund, although we don't know those criteria for now. We understand that not everyone can cover the cost of therapy, and financial assistance may be available for those who need help to cover the full price of BetterHelp. Contact the BetterHelp customer service team to find out if you are eligible for financial assistance.

Talkspace offers options very similar to BetterHelp, with the ability to send messages or have live phone or video sessions with a counselor or therapist. In addition, during the registration process, you must give your consent not to use BetterHelp in the event of a crisis or for urgent needs. Although BetterHelp doesn't accept insurance, it's often more affordable than traditional or in-person therapy without health insurance. Those with a current diagnosis that requires medication management should seek an alternative to BetterHelp.

The cost of BetterHelp may be an impediment for some, and while they offer financial aid, some may find that therapy through their insurance may be more affordable. Keep in mind that therapy prices, even with the help of your insurance company and mental health coverage plan, aren't always lower than those of working directly with a therapist at BetterHelp. BetterHelp subscriptions are a great option for those who want the advice of a licensed therapist but don't have health insurance. BetterHelp currently does not accept insurance nor will it generate superbills for you to send to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

BetterHelp subscriptions also include unlimited text messages with your therapist between sessions, and therapists usually respond within 24 hours. Although membership plan information is usually shown as a weekly price, the BetterHelp platform doesn't bill you every week (unless you prefer).

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