Is betterhelp exploitative?

Both former users and psychology professionals have called Betterhelp inadequate, exploitative and even harmful. Democratic senators said they were concerned that companies could leave their patients vulnerable to exploitation by large technology platforms and other online actors. However, there is a sense of distrust among the community about the number of BetterHelp ads and sponsorships on YouTube. However, to understand the controversy surrounding BetterHelp, it's helpful to understand how the service works.

Facebook was also able to see the duration, approximate location and amount of time people spent on BetterHelp, according to Jezabel. For your information, the “better help” therapy service that youtubers like Shane & h3h3 announce is a scam &, they are paying these youtubers a lot, they are capitalizing on your depression. The result of this rigorous process is that only about 15% of therapists who apply to work through BetterHelp are accepted on the platform. Despite the explanations of the founder of BetterHelp, the online community is now still very suspicious of the platform.

When a YouTuber, as has happened repeatedly, talks about his own mental health problems and how he feels better after subscribing to BetterHelp and using its services, he acts like an ordinary consumer. Many of these creators have spoken about mental health issues in the past, but as exhaustion has become an increasingly important topic within the community and the mainstream of the world, BetterHelp sponsorships have increased, even though the app isn't exactly what the creators are promoting. At the end of the video, the YouTubers proceeded to promote the BetterHelp services, which included affiliate links that reportedly earned them money for each subscription contracted by one of their fans. Bobby Burns, Elle Mills, Philip DeFranco, Heath Hussar, Boogie2988, Shane Dawson and Chandler Wilson are all creators who have videos sponsored by BetterHelp.

In addition, more than 80 users had filed complaints about BetterHelp with the Better Business Bureau, an NGO whose goal is to hold companies accountable for certain bad practices. BetterHelp's marketing strategy and influencers A big part of Betterhelp's advertising strategy has been the use of influencer marketing. The recent BetterHelp scandal, in which a highly publicized online counseling application was found to be less reliable than what was being promoted, shed light on the consequences of influential people promoting services without paying attention to their quality. YouTubers, sensitive to the growing reaction of their followers, have almost all put their partnership with BetterHelp on hold after other YouTube users started reporting them.

Legal consequences Of course, the BetterHelp dilemma not only raises ethical issues, but it can also give rise to interesting legal debates. It only connects the user to a therapist, who, in theory, should have a license to be included in the BetterHelp network.

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