Does betterhelp share your information?

For greater clarity, we do not sell user information to third parties.

Betterhelp told

NPR that it is committed to privacy and security. A spokesperson said that the company has created cutting-edge technologies, operations and infrastructure to safeguard the information provided on our platform. Messages with your therapist are not shared with third parties and your live sessions are not recorded.

Nor do we share with third parties when you send a message or have a session with your therapist. If you still have reservations and aren't sure how you feel about revealing your identity and problems online, BetterHelp gives you the opportunity to remain completely anonymous. If you give your consent, a licensed therapist who is employed as part of the BetterHelp clinical operations team can review correspondence with your therapist to ensure quality. We haven't been able to confirm whether BetterHelp has a system for managing security vulnerabilities in its application, which highlights its general security practices to us.

However, when it comes to working with BetterHelp, you'll find a solid SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. This policy does not apply to the collection and use of information from employees or independent contractors (not including therapists) of BetterHelp or its parent company. In addition to standard demographic information (such as your age, gender, and location), some of the most important data that BetterHelp collects is called “visitor activity”. BetterHelp states that it collects, uses and stores communications between users and counselors on its platform.

If you want to talk comfortably in front of your counselor, you can expect to do the same with a Betterhelp counselor. BetterHelp collects, uses and stores communications between users and counselors on the Platform, and communications between users and the BetterHelp customer service team. BetterHelp may also collect and process certain categories of personal information, which may be considered “confidential personal information” in the United Kingdom and the EEA. One of Betterhelp's most exclusive offers is that it allows you to have a direct communication channel with your therapist.

Betterhelp has strict requirements when it comes to hiring the best professionals in each field. Some aspects included in the BetterHelp policy can help you better understand the system behind BetterHelp.

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