How many sessions a week can you do with betterhelp?

BetterHelp's basic plan includes one live session per week.


defines a live session as a live video session, a live audio (or telephone) session, or a live chat session. At BetterHelp you can book sessions by phone or video with your therapist and you have the opportunity to establish a really strong connection with him. BetterHelp subscriptions also include unlimited text messages with your therapist between sessions, and therapists typically respond within 24 hours.

In addition, BetterHelp points out that, even if your insurance plan covers the cost of teletherapy sessions, your health insurer's co-pay may exceed the total cost of your sessions. BetterHelp offers financial assistance or a reduced weekly rate for those who qualify, including students, veterans, and people who participate in subsidized government programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). BetterHelp video sessions are no different from video calls on most major platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet or FaceTime. After you contact a BetterHelp therapist that fits your preferences and needs, you'll receive unlimited messages and weekly therapy sessions in real time via the live chat, phone call, or video call of your choice.

BetterHelp automatically loads your original payment method every four weeks, but you can easily cancel at any time. While some of the participating BetterHelp therapists don't do live video sessions, most do. BetterHelp has a subscription option, which includes a 30-minute weekly session via video, phone, or live chat (text-based). BetterHelp is an online counseling platform that connects users with an experienced, licensed therapist for remote teletherapy sessions.

BetterHelp recognizes this reality by giving you and your therapist space to set the cadence of live sessions that works best for both of you. When you pay for a week with Betterhelp, you get access to much more than just a few counseling sessions per month. With Betterhelp you can schedule 2 sessions per month and continue to have access to a counselor who is included in your schedule for regular visits, psychoeducational exercises and even group seminars, which are virtual therapeutic groups led by licensed professionals. The standard Talkspace plan doesn't include any live video session, but the BetterHelp Therapy subscription plan includes one live video session every week.

You can schedule a live phone session with your counselor the same way you schedule a chat or video appointment on the BetterHelp app. To be successful in therapy, you must commit to a minimum of four weeks (the pre-set period you pay for at BetterHelp), with a weekly live session.

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