Is betterhelp therapy legit?

With so many online counseling platforms, you might be wondering which ones are legitimate. BetterHelp technology complies with privacy laws and provides a secure platform for users to interact with a counselor.


is a great option for people seeking online counseling for certain mental health problems. However, if you have deep depression, suicidal thoughts, or symptoms of a serious mental illness, it's important to seek in-person therapy with a qualified mental health professional.

If you're in a crisis or have an emergency, call 911 for help. Yes, the BetterHelp subscription is very affordable, especially compared to in-person therapy sessions. There are a number of factors that make in-person therapy quite expensive. On the one hand, therapists and counselors who offer psychiatric or mental health services in the office have to pay a range of operating expenses, even if they only care for patients for a few hours, such as rent, materials and utilities.

These costs, believe it or not, can add up to tens of thousands of dollars each year. On the other hand, professionals who offer their services through an online therapy platform, such as BetterHelp, can offer virtually all of the same services (group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), marriage counseling and more, without the need for physical space to see their clients, significantly reducing the cost of therapy, especially compared to traditional therapy sessions. In addition, BetterHelp offers financial assistance to those who qualify. For more information on financial aid, contact BetterHelp customer service.

If something comes up and you can't attend, BetterHelp sends you a link to watch the live webinar within seven days, then the link will stop working. However, BetterHelp doesn't accept insurance, so you may find that there are other, more cost-effective options. I also know that it would have helped me to listen to someone who actually uses BetterHelp, to find out if BetterHelp is legitimate and trustworthy and worth it. BetterHelp recognizes this reality by giving you and your therapist space to establish the cadence of live sessions that works best for both of you.

The BetterHelp therapy team includes psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and licensed professional counselors. As one of the largest online therapy companies, BetterHelp's general reach and ease of use help bring therapy services to people who otherwise wouldn't be able to access them, regardless of where they live. With greater access to live sessions in whatever format you prefer, as well as well-thought-out features, such as keeping a guided diary, BetterHelp's online therapy rivals traditional therapy and undoubtedly offers even more comprehensive help, often at a lower price. BetterHelp also offers voice calls and messaging, but I only use the video call format, and sometimes Connie sends me messages with a link that may be useful to you or a book recommendation.

You can let the BetterHelp team find you a therapist based on the answers to your questionnaire, or choose your own by browsing the directory. In addition, therapists are qualified and certified by their state's professional board; they have at least 3 years and 1000 hours of practical experience before joining BetterHelp; after joining BetterHelp, they undergo regular peer review, monitoring of results, and ongoing training and support; and each has a mentor who guides them through the BetterHelp process. BetterHelp serves users seeking individual therapy, but if you're looking for therapy for teens or couples, the company will refer you to its partner companies. Telephone or live video sessions take place through the BetterHelp website, so you'll need an Internet connection to make the call.

The BetterHelp platform gives you access to a wide variety of potential therapists who could help you. .

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