Does betterhelp have qualified therapists?

The answer is yes, but you should go to an online counselor who is licensed to help you on an advanced computer or application platform. All BetterHelp therapists are board certified and specialize in a variety of topics and types of therapy. And every therapist has a minimum of three years of work experience. Most therapists have at least a master's degree in counseling or a related field, such as clinical social work or marriage and family therapy.

Psychologists typically have doctorate degrees and focus on clinical work or research. A psychologist who works directly with patients will most likely have a degree that focuses on clinical work. Compared to most in-person therapy appointments, the cost of online counseling through Betterhelp is typically lower. BetterHelp counseling is considered to be one of the best online therapy sites, in part because it offers affordable therapy as an alternative to in-office therapy.

BetterHelp allows therapists to communicate with their patients remotely, through messages, phone calls, video calls, or live chat; all of which can be easily done on a variety of devices. With BetterHelp, you can schedule a therapy appointment simply by logging in to your phone, tablet, or computer, without paying the often excessive fees that are often associated with this type of support or using health insurance. A licensed BetterHelp therapist can address anything from depression, anxiety, and anger to parenting challenges, relationship issues, and trauma-related concerns. In addition, BetterHelp points out that, even if your insurance plan covers the cost of teletherapy sessions, your health insurer's co-pay may exceed the total cost of your sessions.

They also appreciate the efficiency of their therapist, the improvement of their mental health, and BetterHelp's constant monitoring of their progress and their relationship with their therapist. If you're living with social anxiety or a similar condition that might make it difficult to share your feelings in person, you can spend more time at BetterHelp to feel comfortable with your therapist. If you have a mental illness or if you're a licensed therapist looking to expand your practice, it might be worth seeking counseling online with BetterHelp. No, BetterHelp does not accept insurance from any health insurance provider and is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

BetterHelp is a therapy service designed to help people with mental health problems and common life challenges. The more than 25,000 licensed mental health professionals currently available for online appointments on the BetterHelp platform are professionals with experience in diverse areas of expertise. Both Talkspace and BetterHelp offer online access to trained therapists for a wide range of mental health services. If online therapy isn't a good fit for you, BetterHelp provides the resources to help you get immediate, specialized care.

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