Can betterhelp be trusted?

BetterHelp's technology complies with privacy laws and provides a secure platform for users to interact with a counselor.


is a great option for people seeking online counseling for certain mental health problems. However, if you have deep depression, suicidal thoughts, or symptoms of a serious mental illness, it's important to seek in-person therapy with a qualified mental health professional. If you're in a crisis or have an emergency, call 911 for help.

With online therapy, such as BetterHelp, therapy becomes more accessible. I didn't have any creaks or lags, like when I tried Talkspace, one of BetterHelp's biggest competitors. BetterHelp is also not suitable if you've been diagnosed with a serious mental illness, are seeking therapy under a court order, or don't have a reliable Internet connection. In the tests and in conversations with other BetterHelp customers, it became clear to us that the quality of the therapy is very high.

When BetterHelp matches you with a therapist, the first thing you should do is read their profile to decide if the partner seems right for you. I have had 2 therapy sessions with two different therapists besides Betterhelp who haven't helped me in the past 7 years. I had a hard time finding a therapist in my city and decided to try BetterHelp after seeing ads. In addition, while 77% of BetterHelp users said they were likely or very likely to recommend the service to friends or others like them, 82% of Talkspace and 86% of Teladoc said the same about those companies.

So, with BetterHelp, I found that I could qualify for financial aid depending on my situation: going to school, not earning a lot of work, and so on. If you're not satisfied with your BetterHelp therapist, you can always change it and the process is clear and easy to carry out. The timely way things are done and the general flexibility of Betterhelp is one of my favorite aspects. By default, BetterHelp matches you with a therapist using algorithms using your answers to your registration questionnaire.

In addition, the BetterHelp service is more based on establishing a cadence of live sessions that works well for both you and your therapist. I briefly wondered if this meant that I should cancel my BetterHelp subscription, as it was probably no longer a necessary expense.

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