How many sessions a month do you get with betterhelp?

With Betterhelp you can schedule 2 sessions a month and continue to have access to a counselor who is included in your schedule for regular visits, psychoeducational exercises and even group seminars, which are virtual therapeutic groups led by licensed professionals. Yes, you can arrange it with your therapist to schedule more than one live session per month. Many customers will hold one session per week. In addition, depending on your therapist's schedule, some therapists are willing to include 50-minute sessions in addition to standard 30-minute sessions.

For some people, the ability to have a 50-minute session may be more productive and similar to seeing a counselor in private practice. However, the 30-minute sessions are also excellent in terms of comfort and make the sessions very direct and solution-focused. If you're not satisfied with your therapist, either before starting therapy or after a few sessions, BetterHelp makes it easy to change. If you were hoping to have BetterHelp insurance options to offset the cost of your therapy sessions, keep in mind that you might qualify for financial aid.

BetterHelp subscriptions also include unlimited text messages with your therapist between sessions, and therapists usually respond within 24 hours. Talkspace offers options very similar to BetterHelp, with the ability to send messages or have live phone or video sessions with a counselor or therapist. You can schedule a live phone session with your counselor in the same way you schedule a chat or video appointment on the BetterHelp app. Talkspace's standard plan doesn't include any live video sessions, but the BetterHelp Therapy subscription plan includes one live video session every week.

The three BetterHelp therapists I've had over the past three years have offered 50-minute sessions (often lasting up to an hour). In the study, more than 300 BetterHelp users experienced a significant reduction in symptoms of depression after 3 months. Get 20% off BetterHelp: BetterHelp offers Choosing Therapy readers a 20% discount for the first month of their subscription. The telephone or live video sessions take place through the BetterHelp website, so you'll need an Internet connection to make the call.

BetterHelp also has a registration function, group therapy sessions and a chat room, which I'll talk about in more detail below. BetterHelp has a subscription option, including a weekly 30-minute session via video, phone, or live chat (text-based). In addition, BetterHelp points out that even if your insurance plan covers the cost of teletherapy sessions, your health insurer's copay may exceed the total cost of your sessions. At BetterHelp you can book phone or video sessions with your therapist and you have the opportunity to establish a really strong connection with him.

BetterHelp is an online counseling platform that connects users with an experienced, licensed therapist for remote teletherapy sessions. In addition, BetterHelp therapy sessions may not be suitable for people who need more intense treatment options, such as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and psychodynamic therapy.

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