Is betterhelp only once a week?

Please note that scheduling is also based on the counselor's availability. You can try Betterhelp free for one week. If you cancel within the first seven days, you won't be charged anything. The entire hiring process takes four to five weeks and BetterHelp reports that only about 15% of applicants are accepted to work for them.

BetterHelp requires all therapists to provide documentation of their license, proof of identity, and references from other licensed professionals who have worked with them. BetterHelp's sister site, ReGain, offers counseling sessions for couples where both members of the couple can participate in counseling together. However, BetterHelp makes it clear that you can request a new therapist at any time if you're not satisfied with the person you're working with. BetterHelp defines a live session as a live video session, a live audio (or phone) session, or a live chat session.

BetterHelp's standard registration procedure puts you in contact with a therapist based on your answers to a questionnaire. While you have to use your real information to pay for services, BetterHelp explains that your therapist won't have access to your information. You can fill out a questionnaire to connect with a therapist using the BetterHelp algorithm, or you can manually select a therapist from the list that appears when you enter your area code. One is that BetterHelp does not authorize the use of its platform to diagnose mental health conditions.

BetterHelp also shares information about each vendor's licenses so that you can also check your counselor's credentials. Even so, regardless of your counselor's credentials, BetterHelp disclaims the use of its site for advice or information on medications or medical treatments in its Terms of Service. Some of these therapists choose to use BetterHelp as a platform to provide therapy, while others use different platforms, such as Practice Better, Zoom or Skype. While many of the counselors who work at BetterHelp are qualified to diagnose clients, the site's policy and terms of service explicitly prohibit the use of the site “to provide clinical diagnoses.” According to BetterHelp customer service, you can suspend your subscription for up to three weeks.

Whether you should choose BetterHelp or otherwise receive online therapy (or, ultimately, choose in-person therapy) depends on your preferences, local resources, and individual circumstances.

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