Is online psychiatry effective?

Many people consider online psychiatry to be effective and, in general, research suggests that telepsychology is an effective form of treatment. There are many potential benefits of having online psychiatric consultations instead of in-person sessions. For example, research suggests that online psychiatry is a cost-effective, feasible and effective option for people seeking mental health support. The following sections will describe some potential benefits of having an online consultation and online follow-up appointments with a telepsychiatrist.

This allowed us to review the best online therapy services for anxiety in a fair, unbiased and accurate way. Online therapy giant Talkspace has expanded its offering to include psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Wellnite doesn't accept insurance, but it's still difficult to find more affordable therapies and drug treatments online. That said, the APA points to research that shows that telepsychiatry and online therapy can be effective and increase access to care.

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