Are betterhelp therapists underpaid?

BetterHelp does not provide details of the amount of the payment to any counselor considering joining its team until the onboarding process begins. But we can talk about the wage structure. Unlike other platforms that pay their counselors by the hour, Betterhelp uses a participation-based model. Commitment-based compensation models distribute pay based on each time counselors engage in meaningful interactions with their clients.

Counselors do not receive commissions for their services through the platform. The pay is terrible compared to working in a private practice or even paying for a service at a clinic. BH advertises unlimited contacts, but then sets payment limits; subscribers who need frequent sessions or even messages usually exceed the billable time allowed, meaning therapists aren't paid for days or weeks of contacts. The system has no guidance, so you learn as you go.

Constantly finding ways to pay providers less Reduce the length of sessions Scamming qualified doctors. BetterHelp proposes to help licensed counselors and therapists find clients and manage an online mental health office. But you give price control to the platform. And pay is the only complaint counselors consistently have about BetterHelp.

That said, if you're relatively new to counseling and need to set up an online practice, the BetterHelp website gets millions of hits every month. Presumably, most of those visitors are looking for services like yours. So you're likely to get a lot of regular referrals here. That said, since the platform restricts your ability to charge for your extensive training and experience, we consider BetterHelp to be a temporary solution to cover opening hours during slow periods.

Experienced therapists, especially in expensive urban areas, can earn considerably more on their own. Here is a direct link to the BetterHelp site. BetterHelp counselors who are more focused on the future in customer care tend to be more successful on the platform than other counselors. With the commitment-based pay model, BetterHelp counselors dictate the amount of their salary based on the quality and quantity of significant commitments to new and existing customers.

While it doesn't publish exact compensation amounts, BetterHelp provides potential counselors with information about the exact salary shortly after the onboarding process, right after the assignment phase of the clinical study. However, a site “onboarding official” states that BetterHelp only provides details after the counselor completes the thorough site selection process. In one, Guenther consults BetterHelp's privacy policy, which states that the company can share user information with third parties. BetterHelp may have a minimum recommended amount of customer interaction, but there is no lower or upper limit for their interactions.

In an email, BetterHelp co-founder Alon Matas responded that BetterHelp's compensation structure has changed since Hoard stopped providing therapy through the platform. Some therapists who have worked for other virtual mental health providers, such as BetterHelp and Talkspace, have complained about low wages and difficult working conditions. Counselors who are proactive in connecting with customers and communicating consistently with them are very successful in BetterHelp's commitment-based model. Online platforms such as BetterHelp and Talkspace offer counselors the ability to provide online counseling to complement their in-person practice or use it for 100% of their workload.

In another, Guenther shows viewers the wide salary scale offered by BetterHelp therapists, which, according to him, varies greatly from what therapists are normally paid. Hoard, a Seattle-based marriage and family therapist, signed up to offer therapy through BetterHelp, a virtual therapy program, about two years ago. Most counselors consider Betterhelp's pricing structure to be beneficial and continues with the incorporation, going through the video interview, the accreditation process and the final interview. .


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