Is betterhelp cheaper than therapy with insurance?

If you have mental health coverage through your insurance, your insurance copay to see a network therapist is usually cheaper than BetterHelp. While Betterhelp is more affordable than traditional therapy, insurance companies generally don't cover the cost of online counseling. However, some employers are starting to offer employee assistance programs (EAP) that reimburse employees for a portion of the costs of therapy, so it's worth checking with the human resources department to see if this is something your company offers. You can also use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for BetterHelp counseling services.

If you choose couples therapy, BetterHelp will direct you to its specialized site ReGain, a mental health platform for couples therapy. While some users reported that they could receive insurance reimbursement for the services of both companies, BetterHelp users must file their own claims. For someone looking for a psychiatrist online, it's important to know that Talkspace offers psychiatric services, and BetterHelp doesn't mean that their therapists can't prescribe medication for conditions such as anxiety and depression. 73 percent of Talkspace users and 78% of BetterHelp users reported that their therapist's response speed was very good or excellent.

In a video quality survey, 70% of Talkspace users and 76% of BetterHelp users said that they thought the quality of the video and platform was very good or excellent. Virtual therapy with BetterHelp is an affordable option that is easy to start and convenient to integrate into your busy life, one of its main differentiating elements from in-person treatment. BetterHelp offers individual and couples counseling for people over 18, and currently has more than 24,000 licensed therapists on its website. Talkspace's standard plan doesn't include any live video sessions, but the BetterHelp Therapy subscription plan includes one live video session every week.

Talkspace keeps all of its services under the same business umbrella, while BetterHelp separates specialized services into smaller companies. However, it's worth asking your insurance provider if they can reimburse you for the cost of BetterHelp therapy. BetterHelp makes it quick and easy to switch therapists to treat your mental health problems if needed, which is an advantage for many people, especially those who don't want to have a break in their care. However, keep in mind that whether or not your health insurance reimburses the cost of therapy through BetterHelp depends solely on your insurance provider.

Keep in mind that therapy prices, even with the help of your insurance company and mental health coverage plan, aren't always lower than those of working directly with a therapist at BetterHelp. If you're not satisfied with your therapist, either before starting therapy or after a few sessions, BetterHelp makes it easy to change. Both Talkspace and BetterHelp require that all therapists associated with their platforms be licensed in their respective states. While the users surveyed reported a fast response time with both companies, BetterHelp users reported that they listened to their therapist slightly faster than Talkspace users.

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