How does betterhelp payment work?

It's based on your location, your preferences, and the therapist's availability. The membership can be canceled at any time.


provides counseling for teens, relationship counseling, faith-based counseling and counseling to the LGBTQIA+ community through its subsidiary companies. One is that BetterHelp does not authorize the use of its platform to diagnose mental health conditions.

Live telephone or video sessions take place through the BetterHelp website, so you'll need an Internet connection to make the call. BetterHelp is ideal for people seeking to improve their symptoms of anxiety or depression, for teens, couples, religious communities and the LGBTQIA+ community, and for those who want therapy but don't have insurance. This doesn't mean that the counselor or therapist you work with at BetterHelp can't legally diagnose you; it means that they can't legally diagnose you through the BetterHelp platform. BetterHelp's sister site, ReGain, offers counseling sessions for couples where both members of the couple can participate in counseling together.

BetterHelp has a subscription option, which includes a 30-minute weekly session via video, phone, or live chat (text-based). While you can use certain benefits outside the network, such as your FSA or HSA funds, BetterHelp won't overbill you. Not ALL of Betterhelp's therapists live in the U.S. They have a US license, but can live anywhere in the world.

Yes, BetterHelp has policies that are consistent with HIPAA regulations; however, the company does not claim to comply with HIPAA regulations. Therapists who work with BetterHelp receive part of the cost of the subscription and BetterHelp keeps a portion to provide the platform and infrastructure. We believe this is because BetterHelp attempts to limit its liability by providing a service that involves potential legal risk. However, our experience suggests that the BetterHelp customer support team wants you to be satisfied and is generous in their attempts to do things right.

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