Is betterhelp as good as real therapy?

You may be asking "Is Betterhelp as good as real therapy? Users often report positive experiences with the network of therapists, services and the effectiveness of therapy sessions.


is a great option for people seeking online counseling for certain mental health problems. However, if you have deep depression, suicidal thoughts, or symptoms of a serious mental illness, it's important to seek in-person therapy with a qualified mental health professional. If you're in a crisis or have an emergency, call 911 for help.

The  platform gives you access to a wide variety of potential therapists who could help you. When considering subscribing to the service, you should know how the quality of your therapy compares to traditional in-person therapy, as well as to the services of your rivals online. works for those seeking general mental health counseling or therapy for a diagnosed mental health disorder. If you were hoping to have insurance options to offset the cost of your therapy sessions, keep in mind that you might qualify for financial aid.

If you've prepaid for unused appointments, you can contact customer service to see if you're eligible for a refund, which will be granted on a case-by-case basis. The  platform keeps you informed of the process through emails and usually assigns you a therapist within a few hours to a few days.  It uses your answers to identify the areas you want to address in therapy, find an appropriate therapist, and understand your financial circumstances. Talkspace's standard plan doesn't include any live video sessions, but the subscription plan includes one live video session every week.

If you think that online therapy and live sessions are as useful and productive for you as traditional in-person therapy, then yes, it is worth it and is good value for money. When it matches you with a therapist, the first thing you should do is read their profile to decide if the partner seems right for you. To be successful in therapy, you must commit to a minimum of four weeks (the pre-set amount you pay for), with a weekly live session. Online therapy platforms such as  strive to offer an easier, more convenient, and more affordable way to get help.

All BetterHelp counselors have a master's degree or doctorate in their field and at least three years and 1000 hours of experience. Group sessions are one-hour live web presentations organized by one of the most popular therapists.

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