Does betterhelp sell your data?

For greater clarity, we do not sell user information to third parties.

Betterhelp told

NPR that it is committed to privacy and security. Jezebel found that BetterHelp shared all of these intake responses with an analytics company, along with the user's approximate location and device. Talkspace and BetterHelp focus almost exclusively on organizing in-app sessions with a therapist, and those companies claim that they comply with HIPAA regulations as if you had sought help in a doctor's office.

Many people complained that therapists weren't responding or helping, and some people alleged that, after filling out the BetterHelp forms, BetterHelp told them to go somewhere else. Text-based therapy and mental health apps, such as Talkspace, MindDoc and (perhaps the best-known) BetterHelp, offer significant benefits. At the end of the video, the Youtubers proceeded to promote the BetterHelp services, which included affiliate links that reportedly earned them money for each subscription contracted by one of their fans. Data brokers, Facebook and Google were found to be among the recipients of other information shared by Talkspace and BetterHelp.

The recent BetterHelp scandal, in which it was discovered that a highly publicized online counseling application was less reliable than it was being promoted, shed light on the consequences of influencers promoting services without paying attention to the quality of those services. The BetterHelp case is just another proof that the capacity for influence has no limits, even when it comes to mental health. We have security personnel who test internal security at BetterHelp to try to anticipate threats and security personnel who act defensively and create processes and infrastructures to prevent incidents and attacks. This policy does not apply to the collection and use of information from the employees or independent contractors (not including therapists) of BetterHelp or its parent company.

Legal consequences Of course, the BetterHelp dilemma not only raises ethical questions, but it can also lead to interesting legal debates. Other apps, such as BetterHelp and Talkspace, say that the law requires them to keep some of the health data they collect. While BetterHelp and Talkspace promise not to sell users' medical data without their consent, the researchers determined that third parties could continue to sell personal information such as the patient's name, phone number and email or access it for advertising and marketing purposes. If you give your consent, a licensed therapist who is employed as part of the BetterHelp clinical operations team can review correspondence with your therapist to ensure quality.

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