What should i do if therapy isn't working?

Reasons, such as lack of trust or a sense of misunderstanding, can make you feel that therapy isn't helping, ask questions, express your feelings honestly and assertively, ask for a referral to another therapist, find a different therapist on your own, file a complaint with your therapist's licensing board. A good therapist should have clear work limits with you and not bring your own life to the therapy room or contact you outside of therapy. If the type of therapy your therapist uses isn't right for you, this could be why therapy isn't helpful to you. Many people think that all therapists receive the same training, but in reality there are many different types of therapy and different therapists are trained to offer different types of therapy.

However, therapy can be a little more difficult to evaluate, as it is based on your personal situation, your mind's response to talking about difficult things, the type of therapy you receive, and the therapist you work with. If you have a marginalized identity and prefer a therapist who shares a similar identity, consider looking for a provider of inclusive therapists, therapy for black girls, therapy for black men, therapy for Latinos, or the National Network of Queer and Trans Therapists of Color.

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