Is betterhelp weekly or biweekly?

It's based on your location, your preferences, and the therapist's availability. Membership can be canceled at any time. There's no doubt that I encourage you to find a therapist that you really love, and I've heard that people get a refund for the first week or two when they get calls with therapists who don't work, so if you change, it might be worth writing to Betterhelp customer service and request a refund for the “lost week with the therapist that didn't work” (I can't promise it will work, but it would be worth it for several people who do not work) I know). BetterHelp states several times on its website that they won't diagnose you with a mental illness.

I originally intended to use BetterHelp as a way to facilitate therapy and eventually found someone I could talk to in person here in Norway. BetterHelp says this matchmaking process can take up to 48 hours, but they put me in touch with my therapist within an hour. In addition, it was reported that during this time, BetterHelp had a very different selection process for its counselors. These options help BetterHelp connect people with therapists who are a good fit for them, but only through their “sister sites”.

BetterHelp therapists and counselors use a wide range of modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, interpersonal therapy (IPT), and more. Those who suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression will find qualified, fully licensed counselors and therapists at BetterHelp. BetterHelp subscriptions are a great option for those who want the advice of a licensed therapist but don't have health insurance. I briefly wondered if this meant that I should cancel my BetterHelp subscription, as it was probably no longer a necessary expense.

BetterHelp (online therapy): BetterHelp has more than 20,000 licensed therapists who provide convenient and affordable online therapy. I also know that it would have helped me to listen to someone who actually uses BetterHelp, to find out if BetterHelp is legitimate and trustworthy and worth it. While their counselors and therapists are qualified to diagnose their patients, BetterHelp's terms of service prohibit them from doing so.

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