Does betterhelp steal your information?

For greater clarity, we do not sell user information to third parties.

Betterhelp told

NPR that it is committed to privacy and security. A spokesperson said that the company has created cutting-edge technologies, operations and infrastructure to safeguard the information provided on our platform. In addition, you may not be able to delete all the data that these apps collect.

In some cases, companies will delete your data or account, but the steps can be complicated, and sometimes it's not clear exactly what data will be deleted. Other apps, such as BetterHelp and Talkspace, claim that they are required by law to keep some of the health data they collect. Better Help doesn't clearly state that they don't sell user data, which is something we like to see. Download the app, complete the admission questionnaire, pay and that's it, BetterHelp says they'll put you in touch with the right therapist for you.

Many people complained that therapists weren't responding or weren't helping, and some people claimed that, after filling out the BetterHelp forms, BetterHelp told them to go somewhere else. Consumer Reports saw that the BetterHelp, Sanity & Self, Talkspace and Wysa apps were sending data to Facebook. At the end of the video, the YouTubers proceeded to promote the BetterHelp services, which included affiliate links that reportedly earned them money for each subscription contracted by one of their fans. Each BetterHelp counselor is an independent contractor, so each counselor operates a little differently.

Legal consequences Of course, the BetterHelp dilemma not only raises ethical issues, but it can also give rise to interesting legal debates. However, these disclosure requirements as a form of consumer protection exist not only in the United Kingdom but also, for example, in the United States, where BetterHelp actively promotes its service. In theory, BetterHelp promises that all counselors are trained psychologists, therapists, or clinical social workers with at least three years of experience. We haven't been able to confirm whether BetterHelp has a system for managing security vulnerabilities in its application, which highlights its general security practices to us.

BetterHelp states that it collects, uses and stores communications between users and counselors on its platform. When a YouTuber, as has happened repeatedly, talks about his own mental health problems and how he feels better after subscribing to BetterHelp and using its services, he acts like an ordinary consumer. The president of BetterHelp, Alon Matas, told CR that Facebook “can use data from other applications at an aggregated level, not individually.

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