Can i cancel betterhelp mid month?

You can cancel your membership at any time and for any reason. You must reapply every three months to continue receiving the lowest rate.


will send you a reminder email as that date approaches. You can contact BetterHelp customer service via email and ask them to cancel your membership.

Recent studies show that BetterHelp interventions are effective in treating a variety of mental health conditions. While many of the counselors who work at BetterHelp are qualified to diagnose clients, the site's policy and terms of service explicitly prohibit the use of the site “to provide clinical diagnoses.” Whether you should choose BetterHelp or otherwise receive online therapy (or, ultimately, opt for in-person therapy) depends on your preferences, local resources, and individual circumstances. You can fill out a questionnaire to connect with a therapist using the BetterHelp algorithm, or you can manually select a therapist from the list that appears when you enter your area code. This doesn't mean that the counselor or therapist you work with at BetterHelp can't legally diagnose you; it means that they can't legally diagnose you through the BetterHelp platform.

However, our experience suggests that the BetterHelp customer support team wants you to be satisfied and is generous in their attempts to do things right. The next question that pops up in the head is about the Betterhelp refund and the website's terms of service. However, if you can only see providers that are not in the network or pay out of pocket for therapy, BetterHelp may be cheaper (based on standard hourly therapy rates where you live). Although BetterHelp, as a platform, tries to limit its liability, it's important to know that the therapist you end up seeing on the platform is responsible for ensuring that the treatment is appropriate.

As the world's largest billed online mental health platform, BetterHelp offers care to a large number of people around the world. However, at BetterHelp, all therapists are licensed, experienced, and trained professionals who can address anxiety online and offline. BetterHelp's terms and use contain fairly detailed descriptions of how to obtain refunds, which can be confusing. We believe that this is because BetterHelp attempts to limit its liability by providing a service that involves potential legal risk.

In many cases, it may be easier to find a suitable counselor at BetterHelp than where you live (especially if you live outside a major metropolitan area).

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