Is betterhelp worth it as a therapist?

BetterHelp is a great option for people seeking online counseling for certain mental health problems. However, if you have deep depression, suicidal thoughts, or symptoms of a serious mental illness, it's important to seek in-person therapy with a qualified mental health professional. If you're in a crisis or have an emergency, call 911 for help. With online therapy, such as BetterHelp, therapy becomes more accessible.

Depending on their FAQ page, it may take a few hours or a few days to find a therapist on BetterHelp, depending on the therapist's availability. Jamey Powell, senior market editor at Healthline, tried Betterhelp and was very satisfied with her experience. You can expect a reasonable amount of email communications from BetterHelp, usually a few times a week. Group sessions are one-hour live web presentations organized by one of BetterHelp's most popular therapists.

Whether BetterHelp is worthwhile or not depends on your budget and whether the platform fits your needs. While the BetterHelp system technically allows you to choose a licensed therapist in any state, therapists can only provide therapy to those who reside in your state (s). So, with BetterHelp, I found that I could qualify for financial aid depending on my situation: going to school, not earning a lot of work, and so on. In addition, BetterHelp points out that even if your insurance plan covers the cost of teletherapy sessions, your health insurer's copay may exceed the total cost of your sessions.

Unlike some of its competitors, the BetterHelp app and homepage focus exclusively on individual talk therapy, although this isn't entirely clear when you get to the homepage, as you'll see three buttons for individual, couple and teen therapy. BetterHelp showed me a page where there were like 8 different counselors, and I loved how much I could see about each of them as I looked around me. Along with BetterHelp, there are other online therapy services that offer services that could better suit your needs. If you think that online therapy and live sessions are as useful and productive for you as traditional in-person therapy, then yes, BetterHelp is worth it and is good value for money.

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